The Bite'Z Recipe


4 Smiling Waitresses

2 handful of dedicated kitchen staff

A pinch of cheeky bar staff

A truckload of fresh ingredients

A bunch of excessively heavy chairs & tables

Dozens of regular and first time patrons

A large car park (that is always full)

Infinite patience


Add dedicated kitchen staff to kitchen area. Extract an creative culinary ideas. Add these culinary ideas to the truckload of fresh ingredients and blend. Stir vigorously, add some heat, some pressure and then a pinch of chaos for good luck. Set aside to stew.

Set, use, clean and reset those heavy tables and chairs, repeat for 2 services a day. Combine smiling wait staff and whip them all around. Gently fold in the regular and new patrons, season with a pinch of cheeky bar staff and chill.

Combine the 2 components and add infinite patience (this will reduce the number of mishaps...)

Now sit back and watch not only a restaurant but many friendships and memories evolve